Natural attractions travel to Jakarta that should be visited is Kandankjurankdoank. This cage is located in the Ciputatarea. Initially KandankJurankDoank has been pioneered starting from 1993, and pioneered by artist and Dik Doan which is a school with natural insight for the children around him. The aspiration of DikDoank is to give opportunity to the poor children to be able to learn at school which is actually learning with nature. Learn with nature make the children easy to recognize themselves and also its potential, and then will be developed. With them accustomed to associate in the free nature that surrounds it with the trees, the wind, and also the mud fields. It also has another purpose that is to provide understanding to the natural beauty that exists in nature is all God’s creation that we all must maintain and also preserve it.

Furthermore, nature tourism travel to Jakarta which become must visit is place of Tingal land tour. This land is located in Ciputat area. This tungal land is one of the educative destinations that is focused on creative activities and also interact directly with nature. Tersal land has a vast land of 10 hectare, wide enough if it is used for nature tourism. In this Tingal tour will provide very beautiful scenery because in the Tingal soil there are thousands of shady trees.This Tungal land has its own attraction that is from the atmosphere of the forest, a house with ethnic Java, there is a swimming pool, wide field, orchid garden, lake, swamp, vegetable garden you can enjoy directly there. To explore this large area, it has been made rural roads from rocks and gravel. These streets will also be a track for visitors to cycling and can also with a jog. Tall shady trees and also the sound of birds chirping that will greet every tourist who comes.

Ragunan is a zoo that also still includes nature tourism and must be visited for those of you who live in the capital. In this Ragunan you will get a natural tour as well because in Ragunan you can see a wide range of animals that are still protected. The atmosphere in the Ragunan is very cool because many trees are shady so that the incoming sunlight is covered by towering trees.To enter this area is also very easy because with a strategic location and tickets to enter the ragunan is also very cheap. Suitable for enjoying your weekend with friends or also with your family. You do not have to go far away and rented lodging for a break because if you are in the capital, this natural attractions can be enjoyed in simple way.KepulauanSeribuis one of nature tourism in Jakarta which is phenomenal and obligatory for you to visit. First love nature Indonesia if you want to enjoy the outdoors out there. KepulauanSeribuare very unique islands. Because the number of islands that only reach hundreds, among these islands are still inhabited and there are also many tourist attraction. So with its many islands around the capital then you want to spend time on the weekends.

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